Laveta Eyewear and Tarxia design a collection of sunglasses and iPhone cases with inlaid exclusively for the Alhambra stores

Throughout history the Alhambra has been the inspiration for many artists. Nowadays, some of the pieces exhibited in the Museum have been taken as a model to design iPhone cases and sunglasses. A collection that has been possible thanks to the agreement reached between the Alhambra franchised shops and the Andalusian artisans Laveta Eyewear x Taxia, with the consent of the Patronato de la Alhambra y Generalife

The products have been developed with an original Andalusian Arabic technique that still lives in Granada today, after seven centuries: the taracea. It is a handmade process in which various pieces, in this case made of ebony, sycamore and redwood, are joined to form different geometric compositions

Laveta Eyewear has been the designer of the sunglasses collection, fusing the Terral model with the Jamuga Taracea. The result reminds us of the classical and most characteristic shapes of the Granada monument

Jamuga is inspired by the Taracea pattern found on the so-called scissor chair belonging to the Nazari period. Moreover, it is a reminiscence of a Moorish patterned box from the XV century that is currently exhibited in the Granada Archaeological Museum

The collection designed by Tarxia x Laveta can only be found for sale in the Alhambra Shops, located in the Palace of Charles V, the Entrance Pavilion and on Reyes Católicos Street. They can also be bought online on: