These sunglasses are the result of a magical cultural blend between the capital city of the Costa del Sol and the Alhambra hometown


Tarxia’s major contribution is explained with the fact that they succeded in making the 700-year-old Taracea technique look modern nowadays. Using noble materials, these meticulous professionals work on the setting of thousands of individual pieces in the shape of unique geometrical compositions that become beautiful and complex mosaics. On Laveta’s part, there is a strong believe that a handmade product must be carefully handled in order to obtain a unique product


Laveta x Tarxia comes from a mutual admiration and an ability to complement different proposals. Whereas the use of a solid block of wood out of which the sunglasses are created is a key aspect in Laveta sunglasses, Tarxia paradoxically uses the mosaic technique, which is based on the union of multiple pieces. In this way, Tarxia contributes to a new perspective in Laveta’s work: the wood is in conversation with other elements and the result is an enriched product. On the other hand, Tarxia finds a new format through Laveta: an original canvas


Laveta x Tarxia has cared for the smallest details both in the design and manufacture of these sunglasses, using 100% natural materials and high quality Zeiss lens. This exclusive edition made of traditional wooden Taracea skin, an Arabian Andalusi technique comes from Granada, Spain, a city where artisans have preserved the purity and the original style of this authentical process
We love Taracea!