The expedition, which for twenty-two days traveled an inhospitable area of ​​Greenland to create a census of indigenous dogs, brought with them a special edition of Bruma

They call it the country of long shadows because in Greenland the sun never sets completely. Manuel Calvo Villena, from Malaga, at 50, has spent half his life as a dog breeder and has been enrolled in the ‘Arctic Challenge’ for three years. Organized by Maraton Dog. With his NGO he carries out polar expeditions that promote the education of the little ones about responsible pet ownership, emphasizing the strong relationship between man and dog

For this reason, at Laveta Eyewear we do not hesitate for a second to enlist in this adventure against climate change. An expedition in which we have developed a special edition of Bruma, so that Manuel Calvo and his fellow travelers could face their challenge in the land of long shadows. Curiously, the Inuit people that inhabit this land suffer from the evil of 'Snow Blindness', this evil is due to the clarity of the Arctic atmosphere and the great reflective power that snow has and they were the first to design by hand. , with a piece of ivory from walrus tusks, the first sunglasses in history. So this was also a throwback to our past

There was no better setting for this third visit of the 'Polar Challenge' than the end of the world: Qaanaaq, northwest of Greenland, where sled dogs are in the midst of the Inuit. The day to day at -20º.C can only be carried out through the relationship between pets and Eskimos: They are the means of transport. This is the region of the earth where there are more dogs than humans. And here, more than anywhere else, the consequences of climate change are being suffered and Greenlandic dogs, one of the oldest breeds in the world, are beginning to disappear: They are no longer so necessary. The winters are getting shorter and the frozen sea, fragile

In this ‘Arctic Challenge’, which left from Malaga on March 26, 2017, the son of the adventurer, Manuel Calvo Ariza, got on the sled. At 16, he has become the youngest polar explorer in the history of Spain. A milestone. "The objective is to raise awareness about responsible dog ownership, history and culture on the one hand and about climate change on the other," explains Manuel Sr. 2 Inuit and 32 dogs have accompanied them on a 400-kilometer journey through one of the northernmost towns in the world. "The dog is more than a companion animal and history would be written differently without it," reasons Manuel Calvo Sr., who now also works as director of institutional relations for Tiendanimal, the main sponsor in this ‘Arctic Challenge’. This expedition will also contribute to the development of scientific research because the biological samples that have been brought will be the object of study at the Universities of Malaga and Barcelona